Farmhouse Christmas Stockings & Rustic Christmas Stockings

farmhouse christmas stockings

When you are decorating your country home for the holiday season, you need farmhouse Christmas stockings. Christmas is a magical time when we all gather around that decorative Christmas tree to sing carols, open gifts, season greeting cards, and eat the most delicious foods. One of the first things that we reach out when opening gifts are Christmas stockings. These embellishments have been part of Christmas tradition for long, but they are coming back in epic farmhouse styles. Farmhouse Christmas stockings are not only unique but rustic, warm and nostalgic.

Farmhouse Christmas Stockings


Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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How to Choose Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

We give you some tips for choosing farm home style holiday stockings. You usually hang stockings from the mantle on the fireplace, your TV stand, or an island in your kitchen.

Rustic Styles and Country Themed Stockings

Regardless of how you want to celebrate this big annual occasion, rustic farmhouse stockings are astoundingly ornamental and will surely transform the mood of your day. They are available in many styles and themes such as country, rustic, farmhouse, and antique among others. You can customize them to reflect any personality or temperament. To make it more fun, you can even feature the name or initials of the person you intend to give or other fancy words. You may also want to fill them with whimsical treats to bring bundles of joy to that special someone.

Popular Farmhouse Stocking Styles

There is a variety of fabrics to choose from like cotton or recycled wool and cashmere and more. Sizes vary and include both small and large. You can use large farmhouse Christmas stockings to hold big stuff like a golf club, fancy cane or even a paintball gun. When properly wrapped in Christmas stockings, these items can look quite ornate. You’ll also choose from festive colors like light brown, beige, red, green, and white. There are also the cream-colored, buffalo checked, flannel and grain sack among other styles. For a coherent appeal, choose a theme that matches with the items you want to place in.

Complete Your Farmhouse Christmas

Moreover, there is a couple of ways on how to hang farm home Christmas stockings. You can use stocking holders which also come in a broad range of styles. A simple cup hook or nail in a mantle can do but stocking holders are more custom. Additionally, the ribbon, beading, and glitter to use can truly make your farmhouse stocking a showpiece of your Christmas celebration. Give your home an instant sparkle and holiday flair with farmhouse Christmas stockings.

Use Pinterest for Farmhouse Stockings

Click on the following link to find our farmhouse Christmas stockings Pinterest board. You will find a variety of Pins and ideas so you can get the exact stockings you are searching for.

In Summary

There are a lot of themes and styles to choose from when it comes to rustic Christmas stockings. We absolutely love farmhouse Christmas decor for the holiday season. From the tree to your walls to your stockings, you want to make sure you have beautiful decorations.

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