Farmhouse Christmas Wreaths & Rustic Wreaths

farmhouse christmas wreaths

Farmhouse Christmas wreaths are staple decor elements you need to use during the holiday season. Christmas brings lots of wonderful memories with family and friends. One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is to put farmhouse wreaths on your front door or around your home. We listed a variety of rustic Christmas wreaths below for sale.

Farmhouse Christmas Wreaths For Sale


Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Nearly Natural 4553 Snowy Pine Cone Wreath,White,18” x 5” x 18”

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Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Christmas Wreath

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Farmhouse Themed Colors

Farmhouse Christmas wreaths come in multiple shades and the popular ones include red, green, brown, and white. You can either choose a solid hue or a mix-match style in case of a more unique touch. Some popular farmhouse colors include brown, green, white, and beige.

Farmhouse Wreath Styles

You’ll also find them in different custom styles like the natural leaf and cotton wreaths. Natural leaf wreaths include pine cone, spruce, berries, leaves, boxwood and ribbon wreaths. Some are wrapped in burlap and adorned with colorful ribbons, rustic bells, and stars. Some popular farmhouse wreath styles include antique, rustic, modern and country themes.

Farmhouse Wreath Sizes

A standard front door is 36 inches, so standard wreaths come in sizes ranging from 19 inches to 30 inches. The most popular size is usually 24 inches in diameter.

Where to Use Wreaths

Wreaths can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can also hang them at different points like front doors and entryways and staircases to bring out that fashionable Christmas vibe.

In Summary

If you haven’t decided yet what will go on the walls, entrances, front doors, tables and around your Christmas tree this festive season, just know that you can never go wrong with rustic farmhouse wreaths. With farmhouse wreaths, you can dress up your space and give it a true Christmas charm that will evoke those childhood Christmas memories. It’s epic and fun to decorate with wreaths.

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