100+ Best Farmhouse Valances 2023

farmhouse valances

Below, you will find a listing of farmhouse valances for sale. When you are searching for country window treatments, one of the best options is a valance, which goes at the top of your windows. It’s not easy to find all the rustic valances for sale at your local store, which is why you can choose from our products below.

Farmhouse Valances


Farmhouse Curtains

VHC Brands Farmhouse Kitchen Window Sawyer Mill Patchwork Curtain, Valance 19×72, Charcoal Grey

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Farmhouse Curtains

Park Designs Primitive Star Lined Point Valance, 72 x 15

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Why You Need Farmhouse Valances

Are you in the middle of redesigning your farm house? It can be a very difficult thing to do, you do not know what you want to put in your room. Farmhouse valances are perfect options in a rustic home.

But when it comes to the windows it all comes down to what farmhouse drapes and rustic valances you should use in that area of the room to really set it off. You do not want it to be boring and plain, you want it to say more about you, the designer of the room.

How to Choose a Farmhouse Valance

Farmhouse style valances are very popular in a country home. They only cover the top portion of the window and can be paired with blinds and curtains. Some of the most popular farm home valances include burlap valances, buffalo check valances, plaid, grey farmhouse, brown farmhouse, natural floral, and patchwork valances.

I listed some popular styles below and how you can choose the right farmhouse window treatments. You can also find 26 more window treatment ideas here.

Burlap Valances

Burlap itself is already a heavy fabric so a benefit that is ideal on those hot days is keeping the sun out. When a valance company uses burlap they are using the natural cotton burlap, that is heavy but very flowing. Even though you have blinds and curtains some light still gets through at the top of your window. With it being a heavy fabric this valance will do a perfect job keeping your home nice and cool and by doing so, saving you money on your electricity bill. Don’t let this valance fool you though it looks remarkable when set with accompanying drapes or blinds.

Buffalo Check Valances

The buffalo check valance is that final touch to your rustic room that you are building. With multiple color variants this option can really change your room while adding the nice cool benefit that the burlap valance brought as well.

What Is A Valance

A valance is the piece of fabric that is at the very top of the window, and it spreads across the window. Depending on the valance you decide to go with, the benefits of this piece can range from sound deadening to creating that unique look while keeping light out. There is just so many options but here are a couple of valances that really set a bar above the rest and that is the burlap and buffalo check valances.

In Summary

It is difficult to make interior design decisions for any theme. Our goal is to give you hundreds of options for sale so you can find the style, color, and theme that works for your home.

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