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There are plenty of farmhouse style sofas to choose from, but they can be difficult to find in one place. We put together a huge collection of farmhouse couches and loveseats that you will love. We picked plenty of sofas in different styles and colors so you can use them in your farm home.

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What Makes a Farmhouse Style Sofa?

Sofas that are farmhouse themed usually feature neutral colors like white, beige, light brown, and dark brown. The common styles are tufted, rolled arms, cotton fabrics, linen fabrics, and leather. They are very comfortable, durable, high-quality, and perfect for creating a country living room.

Why Choose Farmhouse Sofas?

Nowadays, many homeowners are choosing farmhouse sofas over other designs due to their beautiful look and durable makeup. These seats are made from high-quality fabrics that have been crafted by furniture experts, and are usually white, brown or grey and feature feather- soft colors. They are also very similar to cottage and country-style sofas.

Tufted Sofas

These sofas are usually made from fabric that’s stitched or buttoned to create beautiful tufts. The stitches/buttons are delicately sewn through the sofa in order to keep the stuffing inside in position and prevent it from bunching or shifting around. This design further adds a farm-style decorative element to your furniture.

Usually, tufted sofa fabric consists of vertical rows of yarn loops or fibers that are weaved through the material to form something similar to a material pile. Additionally, the loops may either have their tops cut straight horizontally, or left intact to create a flowing fabric design.

Leather Sofas

Generally, leather sofas can be categorized into two groups which include; top-grain and split leather couches. The latter has lesser natural markings than top-grain, plus it also tends to be more affordable in terms of pricing. Likewise, some parts of a coated split leather sofa may be covered with a protective layer which may make it a bit stiffer.

As for top-grain leather sofas, they are made from full-grain leather material which hasn’t been buffed or sanded, meaning it still contains its natural hide markings. However, the material may also be corrected to make its natural grains much smoother.

Rustic Love Seats

These seats are usually small in size and made to accommodate only two people, who are the lovers. They mainly gained popularity during the Victorian period, as the seats allowed couples sitting inside to be close to each other to hold conversations but without necessarily getting intimate.

Today, rustic loveseats can make a beautiful addition to your living room or patio, given that they provide comfortable seating options in a slightly smaller size. Moreover, some models are also fitted with swings to make them rock through the air.

Country Sofas

These are cottage-style sofas that are most popular in the rural areas. They are usually handcrafted by a furniture specialist, with all the wood joints interlocked and glued by hand. Similarly, the corner blocks are also glued and nailed so as to reinforce the joints.

In Summary

Interestingly, country farmhouse sofas are usually spacious enough to allow users to not just seat on them but also sleep on top if they want to. They have an antique feel but are also very versatile and practical.

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