Farmhouse Pitchers & Rustic Pitchers

If you’re looking for an interesting way to use farmhouse products for decoration, you should definitely consider farmhouse pitchers. They’re attractive and versatile, and if price is an issue they can be an inexpensive option as well. In addition, rustic pitchers are perfect when you are entertaining or just having a family dinner.

Farmhouse Pitchers



How to Choose Farmhouse Pitchers

So let’s talk about some of the decorative possibilities. For starters, when you purchase farmhouse pitchers for decoration, your focus should be on getting multifunctional pitchers that can be used in almost any room.

If you’re purchasing a collection, you can use them on a bar in a row, or as part of a table display that might be a standing decorative element or specifically designed for a special occasion.

Glass Vases and Farmhouse Pitchers

Another option is to use a traditional glass vase with the farmhouse pitchers for contrast. Try spray paining the bottom of the vase to get a color match, or you can do the same with individual farmhouse pitchers–e.g., farmhouse ceramic pitchers–if they’re relatively cheap and you’re using them strictly for decorations.

Pitcher Height

Generally speaking, you should make sure the pitchers are of a similar height, unless you’re looking to create an oddball effect, and you can add seasonal floral touches that can also be matched with different occasions.

Farmhouse Metal Pitchers

Another way to use farmhouse pitchers is to capitalize on the uniqueness of the material. Metal farmhouse pitchers, for instance, can be used to create an especially rough and rustic look, and you can use color matching to make a splash.

Farmhouse Glass Pitchers

Farmhouse glass pitchers can be used to add uniqueness—you can get them tilted, square, with long necks that can be corked, and this in turn opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to adding floral touches. You can even use these pitchers as a kind of terrarium, which will definitely add a unique look to whatever room you decide to use for the display.

Decorative Farmhouse Pitchers

Another way to go is to specialize. If you have a flair for design and a fondness for a particular kind of farmhouse pitcher, you can collect them and mix and match according to your needs. One example of this would be French farmhouse pitchers, which have a consistent look that conveys elegance and a specific sense of style that can be part of your overall decor.

In Summary

Or you can go the opposite route. One of the best things about farmhouse pitchers is that their general availability—you can find them online, at yard sales or at specific stores and retail outlets, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to the available choices.

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