Farmhouse Dressers & Rustic Dressers

farmhouse dressers

Farmhouse dressers feature rustic wood designs. They are charming, quintessential pieces of furniture that are both decorative and handy. Farmhouse style dressers are also referred to as shabby chic, industrial or rustic dressers. With well-designed drawers, farmhouse dressers provide ample storage spaces for keeping clothes, scarves, hats, jewelry, and any other clothing item.

Farmhouse Dressers


Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

ACME Naima Chest – – Gray

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

ACME Adams Antique Oak Dresser

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Benefits of Using Farmhouse Dressers

We go through some benefits of buying farmhouse style dressers for your rustic home. You can find a lot of country dressers above, and I have some benefits below that will encourage you to purchase the right piece of farmhouse furniture.

Features of Rustic Dressers

The drawers are equipped with hardwood knobs, locks, metal glides, pulls and threads that make them secure and usable. The drawers open and close smoothly giving you convenient access to your personal possessions. The dressers are very versatile and you can use anywhere including guest room, bedroom, and hallway or any other place you want.

High-Grade Wood Construction

What makes these dressers unique is the quality of materials used. They are built entirely on high-grade solid wood that makes them highly enduring. For a more antique, beautiful and refined appeal, the dressers are custom painted to make them stylish and lovely. They are available in different painting options with beige, brown, grey, weathered white, and distressed light blue being the main colors. They also feature top coating, sanding, and staining that offer extra protection. The custom painting combined with warm finishing will surely bring a distressed effect to your home. Be sure to find the right color that accents your already existing theme.

Save Space With Compact Dressers

The dressers can save you a lot of space by helping you organize your room. Depending on space availability, you can choose from tall and wide farmhouse dressers. Each of them features a different number of drawers with others having up to eight drawers. You can even use the top of the dressers to display some of your favorite decorative elements like flowers, makeup bags, accent lamp, perfume bottles, and family pictures and many more. You can even use it as a TV stand.

Farmhouse Style Equals Quality Craftsmanship

The quality of construction for farmhouse dressers is unsurpassed. The dressers are more than just mediocre pieces of wood that would break up when banged. They are very sturdy and stable and won’t topple easily. Regarding cleaning, farmhouse dressers are very easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe them up and you’re good to go. With proper care, you can expect years of use from these lovely dressers.

In Summary

Stay organized and decorate your home with farmhouse rustic dressers. There are several designs, sizes, finishing and color options to choose from depending on your taste and preference. These dressers bring timeless appeal to your home. In addition, they are very functional for storage of personal items.

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