Rustic & Farmhouse Dining Table Legs

farmhouse dining table legs

The dining table is one of the focal points of our home. If you want to upgrade your current dining table or you are building a DIY table, you will love the farmhouse dining table legs we have listed below. Many of them only need a coat of paint and they will be ready to be attached to the top portion of your table.

Farmhouse Dining Table Legs


Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

Design 59 18 Inch Traditional Bench Legs or Coffee Table Legs- Unfinished Wood, Wide- Set of 4

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Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

Waddell MFG Company 2428 28″ Traditional Pine Leg, Brown

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Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

BingLTD – 29″ Tall Taylor Round Pedestal Table Base (PD-R2901-RW-UNF)

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How to Choose Farmhouse Dining Table Legs

First off, you want to know the exact length of the country dining table legs you are looking for. Once you have the length, you need to color to match your farmhouse dining tabletop. Next, consider the style of dining table leg you are looking for. There are different shapes and themes to choose from.

Why Choose the Farmhouse Dining Room Theme?

Our kitchen and dining spaces are the hub and center of a home and the focus of family life. This is why the farmhouse design style is a classic but has remained such a popular choice for our kitchen and dining room spaces. The way they hold a unique blend of old and new, soft and sharp, neutral tones and that welcoming feel makes the design timeless.

Farmhouse Themed Furniture

The farmhouse theme includes a range of materials, some you may be surprised at. Starting with wood, from thick solid oaks to warm beeches there are a range of shades and styles to choose from, accompanying them with wrought iron, brushed stainless steel, copper decal and even white tiled surfaces you can achieve a traditional or totally modern farmhouse design.

Why Upgrade Farmhouse Dining Table Legs

Our range of farmhouse dining table legs are an excellent way of improving your current dining table top to match your rustic dining room style. Adding new wood dining table legs will give your room an entire make over, then adding soft fabric furnishings like cushions and table cloths will give it the warmth the cottage style thrives on.

Farmhouse Dining Table Leg Colors

The color scheme is quite a neutral range, starting with crisp whites, soft greys and a spectrum of browns from pale beige right through to deep rich mahoganies. If you like a little more color, stay away from bright splashes and bold prints but you can add a splash of lemon, pale blues, or warm olive greens to offset the wood.

What to Look for in Rustic Dining Table Legs

Our rustic dining table legs are designed to the highest quality and really incorporate the look and feel of cottage, farmhouse themes. We love the chabby chic style and the weather look will really make your dining table the centre piece of your room and home, making it a warm and inviting space for, you, your friends and family to enjoy.

In Summary

Don’t settle for your current dining table set when you can upgrade it with new legs. If you already have a beautiful farmhouse tabletop, all you need is the right dining table legs. Then, you can eat dinners at the gorgeous rustic dining table set of your dreams.

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