LEEVAN Boho Leaf Rug 2’x5′, Washable Kitchen Runner Rug, White Entryway Rug, Farmhouse Woven Front Porch Rug Tufted Plant Bedroom Rug, Handmade Bathroom Runner Rug for Nursery/Laundry/Living Room

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Durable: A tightly woven rug is perfect for high foot traffic areas as they keep the shape of the rug for longer, stronger, more resistant to stains, and last longer. And for a soft feel under foot, the woven threads of this floor mat contain soft natural cotton.
Tufted Leaf Design: Designed in a solid color and the tufted part is in the shape of a leaf, this door mat/runner can complement any decor and create a natural,fresh feel, add a vibrant vibe to your space with this tufted leaf rug. This is the perfect accent rug for you if you like nature-concept decorations at your home.
Washable: Cotton washable rug is a soft and easy-care natural material that you can machine wash. we recommend washing on a cold, gentle cycle with a mild detergent and air drying to minimize shrinking. At the same time regular vacuuming will help keep your washable rug looking new for longer and prevent dirt that is on the surface of the rug getting embedded.

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