TORCHSTAR E-Star Series 3 Inch Gimbal LED Recessed Light with Junction Box, 7W (50W Eqv.) Dimmable, Airtight, CRI 90… Price: $99.99 (as of 01/13/2022 08:39 PST- Details)

3-in-1 Design: The 3-in-1 design of this recessed light lets you replace the existing light bulbs, recessed trims and housing cans which allows for easier installation and saves you money on labor costs. This gimbal LED recessed light is not compatible with TORCHSTAR New Construction Mounting Plate. The CRI90+ highlights all your decorations with vivid and natural lighting
Great Durability: The light fixture and j-box are both IC rated, letting it be able to be in contact with combustible materials. The airtight structure effectively prevents heated airflow diffusion. The metal light body makes it durable and able to be used in damp locations
Energy Efficiency: With the same brightness as a 50W incandescent lamp, this 7W LED downlight reduces your energy usage and electricity bills while still being suitable with AC120V input voltage

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