Saffron Marigold Blue White Floral Tablecloth Moonlit Taj | Hand Printed Washable Cotton Voile | Turquoise Flower… Price: $74.99 (as of 07/28/2021 06:31 PST- Details)

100% Cotton
ELEGANT FLOATING VINES – Moonlit Taj is inspired by the magnificent marble walls of the Taj Mahal. Use our colorful cotton tablecloths to set the mood you want to create: country kitchen, formal dinner party, or a decorative picnic table cloth.
BEAUTIFULLY HAND PRINTED – These table linens are hand printed five square inches at a time using intricately carved wooden blocks, a traditional Indian printing process similar to Dabu block printing. These tablecloths are so exquisitely marked by the human hand they must be treated with love and care, befitting a piece of living textile art.