Farmhouse Throw Blankets & Rustic Blankets

farmhouse throw blankets

Farmhouse throw blankets are usually made of a heavier fabric and are visually appealing. Their function is both decorative and practical. They also often come in a set with throw pillows or are a color and fabric type that is easy to match with off the shelf pillows.

Whether you are looking to spruce up your living room or add a new heavy blanket to keep your bed warm through the winter, farmhouse blankets are an excellent choice.

Farmhouse Blankets



How to Choose Farmhouse Blankets

It can be difficult to find the right rustic blanket for your farm home. They come in an endless variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, and sizes. We put together some tips below for choosing your next farmhouse throw blanket.

Farmhouse Blanket Styles

Some of the most common blanket styles are fringed, hand-woven, ruffled, burlap, flannel, hand-woven, and fleece. Patterns are just as varied with buffalo check, striped, plaid, country french, rustic, modern, chic, shabby and striped being the most common. They can be quilted with custom fabrics or embroidered to have custom messages on them and many of them have scenes from nature on them.

Farmhouse Blanket Colors

These rustic blankets are generally solid and muted colors like off-white, gray, hues of brown, black and taupe. However, you can now find them in bright rainbow colors like blue, yellow, turquoise, pink, purple, red and many have accent colors mixed in.

Farmhouse Blanket Sizes

Sizes vary widely from ones that are for your lap to throws for king beds. Many of the sizes will match the size of a farmhouse bedding set. There really is something for everyone.

When To Use Rustic Throw Blankets

These farmhouse throw blankets are great for gift giving any time of year and for any occasion. You can also use them on picnics, road trips and when out camping. If you are looking for yourself and your home then you will not be disappointed by the available options. They are fantastic for curling up in front of a good movie cocooned in soft fabric or making pillow forts with your children.

In Summary

You definitely want to add one of these cozy and stylish blankets to your collection today. We have a huge variety of rustic blankets for sale and you want to find a style and color that matches your home.

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