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farmhouse quilt sets

If you are looking for the perfect addition of decor to make your home feel cozy and warm during the cooler months and holiday season, farmhouse quilts are the perfect addition to your linen collection. Rustic quilts exude a comfy feeling with not just the way they feel, but also with their lovely patterns and color scheme.

With the growing popularity of farmhouse themed bedrooms in homes across the country, you can be certain that adding a few farmhouse quilt sets to your collection of other country-style accessories will be the perfect final touch to your interior decorating project. That’s why we put together a huge list of rustic quilts for sale that you will love.

Farmhouse Quilts


Farmhouse Bedding

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How to Choose Farmhouse Quilt Sets

Whether you choose to keep these quilts stocked away for the winter season for use on the couch near the fireplace, or as a year-round homage to the barnyard country lifestyle, farmhouse quilts are a special style of linen that never goes out of fashion. We put some additional tips below for choosing the perfect bedding set in your rustic home.

Completing Your Quilt Bedding Set

Thanks to neutral color schemes of farmhouse style fabrics, they really go well with almost any type of decor that you may already have on display in your home. One way to use farmhouse quilt sets is as accent pieces to your existing bed linens or sofa pillows. You can view our list of farmhouse throw pillows and mix and match them with the best quilt too.

Farmhouse Quilt Colors

Generally speaking, these cozy rustic quilts are designed in elegant, neutral color combinations like reds, cream, grey, taupe, blue, brown, and white. These simple colors allow your farmhouse quilts to blend nicely in almost any room in your home and also keep the ambiance tranquil and soothing to the eyes.

Matching Quilts with Bedroom Furniture

I really love the way that this style of quilt set looks against dark woods like mahogany or cherry. Then again, even a lighter hay-colored wood bed frame would pair nicely with your farmhouse quilt set. Farmhouse furniture usually features antique or distressed wood in colors like white, light brown, or dark brown.

In Summary

With the winter season in full swing, you absolutely cannot go wrong by picking up a set of these beautiful, rustic quilts to enjoy in your home. In addition, farmhouse quilts are light enough to be perfect for any bedroom in your farm home all year long.

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