Farmhouse Ladders & Farmhouse Blanket Ladders

farmhouse ladders

While most only know them for construction, farmhouse ladders can make the best decorative elements. If you adore farmhouse living, then you’ll love farmhouse blanket ladders. They are stylishly designed to not only add instant charm to your room, but also help you to organize items such as blankets, towels, mats, planters, candles, mason jars, and magazines among other things.

Farmhouse Ladders


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How to Choose Farmhouse Ladders

Farmhouse ladders are designed from selected handcrafted wood. They are very natural and artistic. The wood is finished for a glossy and stain-free appeal. Hardware is also incorporated to bring a sleek design. Interested in a DIY Farmhouse Ladder? We loved this guide from Artsy Chicks Rule.

Farmhouse blanket ladders are available in modern rustic styles and you can add them to any space including your bedroom or living room.

Farmhouse Ladders are Multi-Functional

With perfectly angled designs, you can flexibly lean farmhouse ladders against the wall. They are convenient to set up in any of your preferred points. The floor legs are specially designed to stand firm away from the wall and allows you to hang different belongings. This allows you to free up a lot of space in your home. There’s absolutely no wrong and right way to use these ladders. You can even use them as drying racks.

Rustic Ladders Lengths and Sizes

Depending on your preferred length, you can find farmhouse ladders in various sizes and lengths. The rungs are finished in various farmhouse styles and spaced inches apart. They have variable number of bars and have versatile hanging options with wreaths on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd rung. The wreath hanging options can be located on the left, middle or right side of the farmhouse ladder. The larger ladders can be used as shelves but should be leaned against the wall. Larger ladders are suitable for use in hanging big stuff like blankets.

Farmhouse Ladder Colors

Everyone has a unique choice when it comes to shades. Farmhouse ladders are available in multicolored options. The common colors include plain white, brown, beige, and grey. The many colors give you the flexibility to choose a shade that complements the existing décor in your home. The finishing, varied colors and artistic styles mean you can improve the architectural ambiance in your home. Depending on the color and stuff you place, you can set a rustic mood in your room.

In Summary

Create space, add décor and make your home functional with farmhouse ladders. Most are delivered in fully assembled conditions, meaning they are ready for use. Be sure to consider the size, length, weight capacity, and hardware material.

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