Farmhouse Crib Bedding & Rustic Baby Bedding Sets

farmhouse crib bedding sets

One of the most simple, beautiful ways that you can keep your baby cozy and comfortable, especially during the cooler fall and winter months, is with farmhouse nursery bedding. With its neutral design and soft colors, rustic baby bedding has quickly become one of the most sought after styles of farmhouse crib bedding that exists on the market today. We listed our favorite products for sale below.

Farmhouse Crib Bedding


Farmhouse Baby Bedding and Crib Sets

Trend Lab Northwoods 6Piece Crib Bedding Set

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Farmhouse Baby Bedding and Crib Sets

The Peanutshell Grace 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

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How to Choose Farmhouse Nursery Bedding

The elegant, simple colors that are usually found in the farmhouse nursery bedding options also help to bring a sense of calm over your baby from the moment they set their little eyes on them.

Why You Need Farmhouse Crib Bedding Sets

If you live in a house with a farmhouse theme, you want your nursery to match. I absolutely love the neutral colorways that are utilized in these timeless designs, and they pair so well with classic crib styles that are crafted out of wood. Whether you are outfitting a mahogany tone baby crib, a lighter color like birch wood, or a white painted wooden crib, the farmhouse baby bedding makes the perfect complement to your little one’s nest.

Farmhouse Baby Bedding Colors

As far as versatility, it is hard to beat the adaptable nature of rustic crib bedding. The most common colors that you will see in this type of linen are red, taupe, brown, grey, white, blue and cream.

Types of Rustic Crib Bedding

The farmhouse baby bedding linens are usually designed with a plaid pattern that can go well with almost any interior decor, allowing you to really use your imagination when composing the perfect place for your baby to rest. In addition to that, farmhouse nursery bedding imparts an antique country feeling to any room where it is present, and it truly allows you to feel as though you have escaped the hustle and bustle of the big city and found solace in your cozy oasis.

In Summary

Hopefully this blog post allowed you to take a look at the many farmhouse bedding designs that are now widely available online. You can add some to your nursery to transform it into a peaceful country-themed retreat. One fun option you can also try is to match the farmhouse bedding in your master bedroom with your baby’s bedding.

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